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12 Jul


Is your energy bill going up? Dirt blowing out and onto desks or occupants or sensitive equipment? Are you noticing an increase in allergic symptoms when the HVAC kicks on or at times of the year when the system is in extended use? All these could be a sign that a professional air duct cleaning service could help.

When you feel that your ductwork needs cleaning, you may want to conduct a visual inspection of your ductwork or hire an HVAC professional to do it for you. It is recommended that the ducts be cleaned when:

  • Your air ducts appear to be infested with mold. If you've noticed a musty smell in your home for some time, it might be time to check if your ducts need to be cleaned.

  • From the supply registers, you see a visible "poof" of dust. It is usually a sign that your air ducts need cleaning if you see a cloud of dust when the air is expelled from the ducts or if there is black debris around the air vent registers. Changing the air filter can also reveal extensive dust buildup inside the system-this is another sign that the system needs to be cleaned.

  • Unwanted guests are living inside the ducts. Does your ductwork make buzzing or scratching sounds? Perhaps you've already observed pests entering or exiting the ducts? A professional air duct cleaner should be contacted if you notice any of these signs.

So, you need professional air duct services near me in Bailey, TX? You should know that there are so many varieties of air duct services. See a few of them as below:

  • Mold/Virus Removal

  • Duct Sanitizer

  • Vent Cleaning

  • UV Light

  • Dryer Vent Cleaning

  • AC Maintenance

  • AC Vent Testing

  • All Rooms Duct Cleanup

  • Air Duct Cleaning

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  • Anastasia D.
    Anastasia D.

    An absolute pleasure to work with this company. Staff arrived at my house on time and was extremely knowledgeable and professional. I couldn't believe how much dust was caught in my air duct! A thorough cleaning done!! I definitely recommend them.

  • Roger M.
    Roger M.

    Absolutely fantastic job. Their technicians were extremely thorough and professional. Made the whole house clean and fresh. Now that the ducts are cleaned, I honestly feel I’m breathing better with cleaner air. I highly recommend this company. Great job!!

  • Elan S.
    Elan S.

    Quick & Reliable air duct cleaning service, was really impressed how they clean all vents and the house smells like new construction. Thumbs up!

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    Rachel F.

    I was looking for a good air duct cleaning company for some time. Service guru answered all my questions, cleaned the vents throughout the house, I can't be happier. I will recommend to everyone I know.