on-demand appliance technicians near me in Oakland, CA
04 Nov


You may find it difficult to get your home appliance repaired. In order to solve a problem, one must conduct research, locate a service technician, order parts, and hope everything goes smoothly. You could also be ripped off if your refrigerator, dishwasher, washing machine, or dryer breaks down.

Choosing the right appliance repair technician can help you avoid paying for unnecessary replacements. The first step is to look for common problems that are easy to fix. If you feel comfortable, you can resolve the issue yourself! The end result can be uncertain when you do it yourself, but it can save you time and money. 

Before hiring anyone, do your research to ensure they will charge a fair price.

If a DIY method does not work, there are many possible fixes on Google. YouTube is full of repair channels that you might be surprised to find.

Identify a professional appliance technician

If you're looking for reliable appliance repair technicians in Oakland, CA, ask your friends and family for recommendations. Finding, researching, and hiring a service professional can be time-consuming and challenging.

appliance technicians near me in Oakland, CA

Service Guru makes it easy for you to locate a reliable and licensed service professional in your area. You can access a wide network of vetted and insured local service providers with just a few clicks. Using Service Guru, you can find reputable service professionals who can assist you with all your needs.

As a client, what are the benefits of using Service Guru?

With Service Guru, you can find and hire professional services quickly and easily. The database we have contains only the best service professionals, so you won't have to waste time interviewing unqualified candidates. Our search process has been simplified to make it easier for you to find what you're looking for.

The following benefits are offered by Service Guru:

Free service professional searches are available through our system. Our customer service department is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our database of service professionals includes professionals from all 50 states. If service-related issues arise during service work, we will cover up to $1 million.

Our database of quality service providers has been thoroughly screened, so you can find service providers more easily and enjoy peace of mind. Get started with Service Guru today.

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Service Guru is a service professional marketplace that matches homeowners with an exact screened service professional that can be trusted in order to quickly and successfully complete any type of task. We cover all 50 states and are committed to get the job done to your complete satisfaction.

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  • TIM K.
    TIM K.

    My room air conditioning was not cooling properly and the outdoor unit having some issue. I asked my care taker to call service guru and get it done. By the next day it was done. :)

  • Alexandra M.
    Alexandra M.

    I have a pretty old refrigerator and I didn't like to change it and it suddenly started cooling issue and food was keeping inside getting wasted. I needed some experienced technician I searched and called service guru. They fixed it like I got a treasure. Hats off.

  • Thelma G.
    Thelma G.

    My washer suddenly stopped working and it just two years of purchase. I contacted support center they booked the complaints but didn't turn up. Finally service guru helped me. Thanks a ton.

  • Rhonda L.
    Rhonda L.

    For myself service guru is the only helping hand when it comes to repair any appliances. I trust service guru.